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CV writing services

What is CV paper? Is it different from a resume?

In recruiting practice, two concepts “CV” and “resume” are most often used interchangeably. As a rule, when an applicant sees a request for a CV (curriculum vitae) in a vacancy announcement, but sends a regular resume, this does not usually become an obstacle for inviting a good specialist for an interview.

However, if the competition is high, it is important to check all the boxes in the employer’s list of requirements. So, if the recruiter gets a direction only to approve candidates who send CVs for an interview, the HR’s hands are tied. And if you send a resume, it may immediately deprive you of the chance to fight for a vacant position, because you have not fulfilled the employer’s requirements, even though you’re a good specialist.

Experienced writers of the Pro-Papers, a CV writing service from Australia, are ready to elaborate this important document instead of you, and make sure to adhere to all of the current standards. But first, a couple of words about the purpose of this paper, its main features, and rules of compilation, so read the instructions below very carefully.

If you are expected to provide a CV, this means that the recruiter is interested in you as a person, not only a professional. You should be prepared to include the info on where you studied, worked, what you have done at different moments of life, in general, what shaped your personality. The text should not focus on something narrow and specific (as in a resume). You can also submit one CV for two positions, and this approach will not be a mistake.

The volume of a standard resume is up to 2 pages (it is even better if you fit your experience in one page). CV has no limitations when it comes to volume. This document can take up as much as 10 pages and more.

Most often, CVs are required for job search in the academic, scientific, and research fields, namely, medicine, journalism, or law.

It is a detailed summary of your work history which has a descriptive nature and may include as many facts as you like. For example, in the block about completing additional educational programs, you can mention all the seminars and conferences you have attended, extracurricular classes and other professional orientation and training activities you have completed.

The applicants should thoroughly describe their academic background, i.e. indicate the names of colleges or universities and the respective years of studying as well as briefly describe their engagement in social, scientific, ecological or other initiatives. In the resume, unlike the CV, this information is superfluous. The only exception is the self-presentation of a university graduate without work experience.

As regards the difference between a resume and a CV, it mostly lies in how detailed the description of experience and achievements the paper should include. The brevity is important for a resume. But in a CV, a sales manager, for example, could state “increasing sales by 25% due to more efficient methods of negotiating with customers” as an achievement.

Professional CV writers may describe the same achievement in other way: “My goal was to stimulate sales with minimal expenses for marketing and PR. The results were achieved by means of changing the method of communication with clients. The customer bonuses were stressed more clearly, business meetings and presentations of the products were held more often, attention was dragged to the guarantees offered by the enterprise.”

When it comes to the last paragraph, this is where the help of a professional CV writer could come in handy. The thing is that it may come out too cumbersome or too cramped. Employers expect it to be a brief summary of your skills and accomplishments, so, they want to see succinct but catchy wordings.

When ordering a CV from any curriculum vitae writing services, the clients should indicate whether they need a classic wordy biography or its concise version. In this case they will definitely get the paper they need.

Step-by-step guide on CV writing

Having learned about the style and features of this document, do not forget about the correct structure and content of each section. We at Pro-Papers, the best CV writing service in Australia, have gathered and processed a lot of CV examples in order to elaborate this guide.

1. Full name

This information can be highlighted in bold.

2. Contact data

Specify all the phone numbers you can be reached at, i.e. mobile and landline (with area code), your email and home address. Provide as much information as possible. For instance, if you lose your cellphone in a month, the recruiter will still have enough information to contact you.

3. Personal information

Indicate your date of birth and, if you are a citizen of another state, citizenship. It is also worth being specific about your marital status and whether you have children. However, the info should be limited to the facts that are most important to the employer and/or relevant to the job responsibilities. So, you should omit your weight, height, shoe size (if you are not a model), or zodiac sign.

4. Objective

Indicate the specific position or program you are applying for. The objective is “to find a job as an account manager at a large international company” instead of the vague “finding a job with decent pay rate and possibility of self-realization”.

Yesterday’s students, who are the frequent clients of our CV writing service, sometimes compile documents with the title “Accountant/Sales Manager/Assistant System Administrator/Legal Counsel”. Such wording makes a candidate look unprofessional and ready to take up any job that pays well. You will have to choose one or two similar posts, for example, “Sales Manager/Customer Service Manager”.

5. Education

If you are currently studying or have just graduated university, this section deserves more attention than others. In general, as mentioned above, a classical CV implies the utmost detailing of the academic background including extracurricular activities, but only the relevant ones.

6. Professional or technical skills

This block is desirable but not obligatory. You should indicate whether you want it in your paper when placing an order at a CV writing service. If you are composing the CV on your own, here you should mention what valuable knowledge and skills you possess. It is important that these qualifications relate to the requirements. And it would be best if you didn’t just outline what you’ve learned while holding a certain post, but also explained how you have applied your knowledge in practice. For example, if you state that you’ve learned how to negotiate, you should also add an example of how you have come to a compromise with someone in a difficult situation.

7. Experience

This is the most important part of the document. Follow the guidelines of the CV writing help experts when filling it out:

  • In the resume, the chronology starts from the current/last workplace, and in the classical CV, vice versa, from the first one.
  • Describe each position as follows: “From February 2015 to the present moment / name and scope of the company’s activity / post”.
  • Then specify the responsibilities and, preferably, the results that have been achieved (separately for each organization). However, you shouldn’t indicate the reasons for quitting your previous job. Such issues should be discussed at an interview.
  • Even if you have worked at a company for only 2-3 months, this experience should be reflected in the CV. It is more alarming for an HR manager to see the gaps of several months between the work periods.
  • You should indicate months together with years. “From 2017 to 2018” may mean both 2 years and 2 months (from December 2017 to January 2018).
  • It is better to describe not your responsibilities, but your achievements, e.g. “I increased the sales by …%” instead of “Increasing the volume of sales was among my responsibilities”. Just tell the truth and remember that the recruiter is very likely to check the factual information.
  • Avoid using clichés that irritate the HR managers. Many people look for the curriculum vitae writing service in Australia exactly because it is difficult to come up with something original and, at the same time, maintaining the official tone.
  • In order to put this all together, just answer several questions. What did I do better than others? What were the results of my work for each company? What have I achieved as an employee and a person? What skills have I gained from my previous job experience that would help me be efficient at this post? Voila! Your CV is personalized and informative.

8. Special skills

Here you can indicate any special skills that could be of interest to the employer, i.e. typing speed, specific qualifications, whether you have a driver’s license and a car, etc.

9. Proficiency in foreign languages

List all the languages you speak starting with the native one. The level of competence can be specified in different ways:

  • Basic, conversational, fluent.
  • Below average, average, above average, expert.
  • Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced.

10. Computer skills

This field should be obligatorily included. You can indicate what complex software you can work with, what programming languages you know, and what office equipment you can handle as an experienced user. List all the software, applications, operating systems that you are proficient at.

11. Achievements

The experts of the professional CV service advise young specialists or students without work experience to pay special attention to this section. Here you should indicate the achievements related to development in the professional field, that is participation in conferences and creative projects. For a serious position, this block does not really matter, but it will help if other CV sections are not very impressive.

12. Personal qualities

This section is meant for self-presentation. Here you can tell about your positive features, indicate the qualities that are most relatable to the requirements. Roughly speaking, if you want to be a courier, highlight your punctuality, and not a good fantasy. Just remember to be honest and don’t oversell yourself.

Specialists providing CV writing services notice that students make a common mistake of talking a lot about fast learning, their desire to gain new experience, or to work extra. Of course, these are excellent qualities, but remember that they imply you being fine with volunteering your free time in order to complete extra assignments. So, if you don’t mean that, you shouldn’t include these qualities in your list. It is smarter to write about the qualities that can be of use in business, like the ability to complete a task without supervision, responsibility, trustworthiness, persistence, etc.

13. Interests and hobbies

If you are interested in sports, art, or reading, it could help you create a positive impression. You should follow some simple rules, like being sincere, preferably articulating your active position, avoid unnecessarily detailed descriptions.

CV writing help in Australia

We hope that the abovementioned recommendations were useful. There is nothing impossible in compiling an appealing CV that is able to present a candidate in the best light. However, the process of writing a quality self-presentation requires some time and energy. If you are not ready for the exhausting search for inspiration, it is better to turn to a professional CV writer from Australia.

The team at Pro-Papers is always ready to help. Over the years we have managed to create an impeccable reputation. Our employees are well aware of the specifics of academic and business documentation and are able to write original texts without going beyond the generally accepted standards. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have received a perfectly written CV and got the jobs of their dreams.

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